So I got this error, suddenly out of nowhere

So I was just making a game in roblox studio, and suddenly my laptop went black and green screen mode and after 5 seconds it came back and i got this error thingy. Anyone know what this is?


Why does this happen? Is there any fix?

I lost some progress on my game which i was working on, so i really need help to fix this so it never happens again.

Thanks for reading,
The Spikey Man


Did this happen out of the ordinary? Try restarting your laptop and re-installing Studio, or run it as an Administrator.

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It’s probably an issue with your device. Check your back ups and use Team Create, since it got auto saves. Also what is the device you blurred?

That means explorer crashed. How much RAM do you have?

This error described happens when the application requires a drive to run but the drive is either corrupt, missing, or unplugged.

ya it happend out of the oridinary.
also i have tried to restarting laptop dozens of time nothing happen.
i also re-installed studio just 2 month ago since it wasnt opening.
havent tried running it as an admininstrator, (imma try this)

what ur saying probably might be true. the device i blurred was just a random number, i wanted to blur it if
it is like personal password or some stuff.

i got 8 gigs of ram.
but studio seems ok when it is running.