So I made a suspense song

Here is a new song I made! I used multiple synths and reversed some sounds to make an uneasy atmosphere. Hope you enjoy! :sunglasses:

Any feedback would be appreciated
If you would like to use this song please DM me

I heartly suggest to have your volume below 50.

My portfolio which contains some of my other songs:

Killerdolophin’s portfolio [Updated]


You might want to add a headphone warning. My ears almost died.


I tend to keep my headphones at around 20%

Then make the drums at the start louder.

I have fixed the sound anything else?

I would make the strobe SFX be less grainy. It sounds very rough.

me: literally uses used music effect

The point was to make it rough and grainy, to make the sounds uncomfortable and more panicky. But still thanks again for the feedback.


I’d suggest listening to Mako Reactor by Nobuo Uemastsu and 747 by Ludwig Goransson for reference.

It’s honestly amazing! The fast beat just makes it sound a little jolly though.

Listening to that song, I don’t think its considered a “suspense” song. Suspense is supposed to make your heart beat and make you have panicky/scary vibes. I would call that song a medieval/action song.

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That’s true. It was just the context of the game that made it suspenseful.

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Damn it’s great. It’s like the music in medieval/mythic themed games.

I’d also listen to No Time for Caution by Hans Zimmer and Unsettling Aura by Yoko Shimomura.

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It sounds good, like a cyberpunk whiteness trial, not much of a suspense, but at the middle it got good. B)

How about this?

It may be quiet, but while I was playing the game that it is from, I was panicked as crap, and the music didn’t help. (The music got progressively louder the further into the level you got.) I was literally shaking when I finally beat the level. Basically, the music doesn’t have to be that grainy, as the same effect (Affect? I never know which one to use.) can be achieved otherwise.

However, yours still does convey a feeling of suspense, and would work well in a horror game. I think it’s great, I just wanted to show that the suspense can be achieved without a feeling of discomfort.
(Yes, this is an example from a Spongebob horror game. No questions asked please.)

BTW the song plays a bit faster in-game.

i kept mine at 100 and it was fine…?

I would consider this song as a suspense song. It gives the listeners a sense of uncomfort and I like how it slowly builds up

4 is painful.

Different headphone levels I guess :man_shrugging:

I mean its at 5-10 dB