So many things Broken on Roblox Studio Mac

Hi guys. I have been pretty disappointed with my experience while using a Mac on Roblox Studio.

These bugs have happened on both of my Mac computers, so I am pretty sure these bugs aren’t client side:
Macbook Pro Early 2015 i5 (I think) Processor
Macbook Pro 2018 i7 Processor

First bug and one of the most annoying is the right click drag bug. Sometimes whenever I try to turn my screen by right-clicking and dragging, studio thinks I am trying to right click. As a result, when I let go of my right click (with the intentions of just turning the screen), the game right clicks. This happens about 1 time an hour and the “phases” of when this bug happens are 10 - 20 minutes. Even restarting studio does nothing. This bug has been happening for several years now.

My second bug is whenever I try using the start button to create a local server on studio, the game does not load at all, preventing me from testing my game in studio. This happens every time I try to test. The bug has been happening pretty recently in the past month.

My final bug is all the crashes. Even when I am on a regular baseplate, I just randomly crash. I’d say about 40% of the time when I join studio, my game crashes (even on a baseplate). This bug has been happening for several years now.

Overall, I have no idea how to fix these bugs, and these types of bugs demotivate me from using Roblox’s game platform. I hope there are solutions out there. Thanks.


Also getting the right click issue on my Macbook Pro 2018 i5. I tried to make a post about it last week but whenever using a recording software the bug wouldn’t happen (for some reason it seriously doesn’t show up then). :sob: I thought maybe I was doing something to cause it since I usually work on Windows and just recently got my Macbook for travelling. It seems to happen to me almost every time I switch to another program and come back, but occasionally doesn’t happen.


The latest Roblox Studio release on Mac has made it virtually unusable. As a lot of other Mac users are reporting these are prominent issues:

  • Right clicking to drag the camera no matter how slight causes the camera to go crazy and move extremely fast around. It’s impossible to navigate inside a build with this.

  • After opening studio and entering any place, whenever you click the game view port it causes the program to freeze with the waiting cursor spinning for a few seconds. The same happens whenever you click play solo.

Reinstalling + restoring all settings in Studio doesn’t work to fix the issue.

I’m running an iMac Retina 5K 2017 with the latest version of macOS.

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Can you provide us with a little bit more information on your environment? Does the spin-wheel happen on all places, only on some existing places, new places?

Also, for the “right click” being overly sensitive. What type of mouse are you using?

Sorry to hear that you’re having issues, but we need some more information to try to see what’s going on.


I’ll try and answer the right click issue for you. It occurs no matter what type of mouse is used, and even while using the Macbook trackpad. It seems to occur most often when you leave Roblox Studio and come back to it from another program, although I operate from a Macbook Pro so I can’t speak on how this happens to users of iMacs. Once you let go of the right click after dragging your mouse around to look, the studio menu pops up as if you were right clicking to open the menu and not to look around. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find what fixes it other than opening other programs and coming back a few times. Sometimes it fixes it right away, other times it takes a few minutes.


Thanks for the extra details! Some more questions:

Do you run studio in Full Screen Mode?
When switching between the applications, are they on the same space/screen, or do you go back and forth across different “desktops”?


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Yes, I run studio in full screen. When switching between apps I stay full screen so they aren’t on the screen at the same time.

I actually just went on to test and it seems that not going full screen stops the issue! I tested for a few minutes and it didn’t happen until I went full screen, switched to Spotify (also in full screen), and switched back to studio. I went out of full screen but the issue still stayed. It only stopped when I went into another app that wasn’t full screen.

If you need any further testing please let me know!

Edit: Just to clarify, I’m on a 2018 MacBook Pro running OS High Sierra. Tested again and it still appears to be the case for me.

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Spin-wheel seems to happen on all places. The biggest being the first time you click the view port and when you click play solo.

For the right click, i’ve tried a bunch of different mouses. On iMac it happens on a Razer DeathAdder Elite, latest Magic Mouse, and on Macbook Air with the track pad.

I don’t run studio in full screen mode. Switching programs back and forth doesn’t seem to have an effect in my case either.

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I think the problem isn’t client-side because I do not think the mouse is the problem. In my experiences with the right click problem. It occurs every half an hour to an hour for a phase of about 10 to 20 minutes. This bug has been going on for a few years. The bug occurs when a mac user attempts to turn their screen by holding right click, yet during the “phases”, the right click menu pops up when the user lets the right click button go. Regardless of being on full screen mode or not, it happens. It also sometimes happens without switching any applications. I have dealt with the “phase” by restarting studio, but sometimes nothing happens and the bug still happens.

Recently, I haven’t been able to open a specific project on studio because it crashes 99% of the time on entering. It only is happening on my team create universe, but I think the reason is because the universe contains packages. None of my other games crash me.

Any other mac users experiencing this problem?


I’m a PC user (Windows 10) and I’m experiencing this. My place has packages and linkedsources.

This was the solution for me:

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I have a lot of these glitches too, it’s getting really frustrating. Whenever I try and run a test at all, Roblox Studio just freezes. I really hope Roblox fixes these problems.


This is still an ongoing issue with me. I don’t have this issue at all on windows. But on mac, the right click drag bug happens constantly. This issue seems to be more prevalent and irritating when I have discord open in the background.
High Sierra 10.13.6.

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This is extremely annoying, and it seems like it’s getting worse. Studio is now freezing on mac - you can’t even quit the app. You need to go into the activity monitor and force quit it.

The right-click issue is ongoing and terrible.

Studio testing is TERRIBLE on MacBooks. When you play the game on Studio, your mouse lags a lot when you try to move it.

The script editor is extremely laggy.

When you adjust GUIs (using your mouse, not entering the size/position), it only works half of the time. The other half of the time, the scale buttons are not functional.

This really needs to be fixed. It’s almost impossible to develop.

I know this isn’t an issue with my MacBook, because it ONLY happens on Roblox Studio. I use Blender, Unity, and some script editors. This issue doesn’t even happen on the Roblox Player. Only Roblox Studio.


There is also a problem of when you launch studio, it asks if you want to update. Even if you select, “restart and update” (or something like that), the update prompt stays there (blocking you from using your Mac). After clicking it about 30 times, it finally goes away and studio starts updating.
Is anyone else getting this problem?

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The script editor is extremely slow now. I’be never had this issue before around a month ago when it randomly popped up. I’m using MacOS BigSur, but I believe it was occurring on Catalina as well.

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