So my game is old, but I want the updated Roblox Materials. How do I get them?

So basically my game was created before updated materials. So how am I able to install updated new materials into my game without making a brand new game by copying the file? Because I want to keep my visits, likes, etc.

Hey there friend! So, I myself wouldn’t recommend changing your game Materials to the updated 2022 materials, but here is how you can toggle these updated materials.

  1. Click the new Roblox Service called MaterialService.
  2. Scrolling all the way down to the bottom, hit Use2022Materials. You should have the new materials toggled into your game.

To see them live, all you need to do is re-publish your game.
Hope this helps! :wink:

Where is the new roblox service located?

You aren’t able to find this service in your Explorer?

Ah, in the explorer okay. I see it.

All you need to do right now Is scroll all the way to the bottom and toggle “Use2022Materials”.

All done, I set your answer as a solution! Thanks!

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No problem! Good to hear that my answer helped! :smiley:

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