So, which ads stand out?

I’ve tried a lot of different marketing strategies. I’ve tried trashy ads, status ads (ew), and even high quality commissioned ads that are engineered to stand out as much as possible, but my banners are not exceeding 1.6% CTR.

And before you mention, sponsorship’s aren’t worth it right now. I’ve tried on many games. That’s just how it is.

If you can think of a type of ad, I’ve probably already tried at least 5 variations of it. I’ve run about 100 ads total.

So I’m kind of lost as to how I can make ads that perform better. Is 1.6% the upper limit for banner ads? Should I move to skyscraper ads? I’ve tried some skyscraper ads but they get less impressions. :thinking:

I would have to admit that the only ads I haven’t tried to run yet are anime girl ads that teens love to click on, but am I really willing to go that low?

Here’s a skyscraper I’ve tried. Didn’t do too well.


Your advertisement looks alright, the problem with it is that the design could be better and you should add different lighting.

I’ve tried a version with increased saturation and it does better, but not twice as much. I’ve run every kind of ad you could think of, so that’s why I’m lost.

So the general idea behind spending on ads is definitely trial and error, and it’s safe to say that you’ve tried almost if not everything.

Now, before anything else i want to point out that if you are running ads on the weekends, you will generally need to spend more, since a lot of games are gonna be advertising aswell and the competition is gonna be tough.

In addition to that, a great alternative would be to advertise your game in social medias such as twitter, youtube, discord etc… Popular games such as bloxburg and jailbreak don’t necessarily use ads which proves the point that you can get people to play your game in various ways.

Now if you ask me, if you think that your game stands out from the rest of the competition and has somewhat a special touch to it, then try to contact a youtuber and convince them to play your game, it would be a win/win situation.

If your game gets some recognition you’d have to think about a new ad strategy to keep the player retention and eventually grow a loyal community.

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The best ads to attract someones attention is something that stands out. Its flashy, colourful (not too over the top) and just generally good looking

A simple spell but quite unbreakable.

People (especially kids) like to click on ads that catch their eye and that provide context. If greater saturation helps you, use it! In your case, your ad isn’t very eye-catching due to the lack of context on what the game actually is about. Try filling up that blank sky area with some text explaining on what the game actually is about.

I hope this helped!