Soaring's Difficulty Chart Obby [Update]

Heyo! Soaring here, I have released my new game, but an update for it, this includes, new lobby, new ui made by @stqrrydev and around 70 new stages. Go play it! give us some feedback! yes we are aware of the zfighting, its an issue that is being fixed, but we cant figure out how to, so if anyone is willing to help us do so, it is appreciated, pm me, anyways here is the game!


Your game is very fun and I can see players returning to play it. But the GUI’s on the side look a little bit pixely.

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Turn up your graphics, or make it into full screen, they are not pixely, its just the graphics, it looks the same for me, there is a small white outline on the words thats why, thanks for the positive review! and yup, players have returned to play it, I friended a bunch of them that played it yesterday for surveys, they all said they loved, it and every single one of them have beaten it, and some big dco creators have already played it!

The game seems very fun, and has a higher like ratio compared to other difficulty charts. The only thing I recommend is adding lettering to the board to show the difficulty level.

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