Social Handles UI ( Are they allowed ? )



Hello !

So I am just wondering if we are allowed to provide social handles ingame through a GUI, and if we are, which social handles between this three are allowed,

Youtube ( Channel Name )
Discord ( Invite Code )
Twitter ( Account Name )

From a few answers I’ve received from close contacts of developers, I am currently under the impression that only Discord is not allowed due to users under 13 being exposed to it. However youtube and twitter is good to go. Is this true ?

Someone also claims to have been issued a 1 day ban before for having a discord invite code in his game, if anyone have had similar experiences, do provide your input as well !

– Zenuvius


Well i’ve seen people advertise their channels and profiles in their games. You can also link youtube channels twitter accounts ans other social media to your profile. Im guessing there’s nothing wrong with linking your profiles in your game.


That is correct. You may not show Discord links or mention Discord in-game. I think it is okay to show Twitter and YouTube handles on there, but make sure to also put them on the social boxes on the game’s page because that has much better throughput.


Besides discord, I think so yeah :+1:


Gotcha, thanks ! :+1:


YouTube and Twitter are fine but you should not show any Discord invite links in-game. You can use Group Social Links.


Yeah, I suppose. Discord I think should only be mentioned in your profile where you can post ’ Social Networks,’ this isn’t that obvious but Roblox themselves did try to back away from Discord by making it tag in-game._