Social media advertising

I had an idea, since ROBLOX allows you to link a YouTube, or Twitter acount etc… to your ROBLOX profile. Why not allow user’s to run ROBLOX ad’s with a link when clicked to go to their social media of choice as long as it’s one of the few that ROBLOX allows.

Because ROBLOX adverts are for ROBLOX assets.
It can’t be miscellaneous.

I don’t want to see an add with Dolan Duck on it, click it thinking I’m going to a Survive The Dolans game or whatever, and next thing I know I’m on a Youtube page for some person called xxxMLGnoScopePridexxx with auto subscribe tabs popping up.

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Ehh, since Twitter and the other social media sites are unmoderated (Twitter is bad at moderating inappropriate content), this would be pretty bad for the safety of little kids. Even if the account had to be approved before running the ad, you can change the content and name of your page after getting it approved.

Oh yeah I didn’t think of that. Never mind then haha, I was more thinking along the lines to increasing a developers social media audience.

Maybe being able to post a social media button (like on the profile) on your game would be a good alternative to this idea.

Yeah I posted on the regular ROBLOX forums a while back about social media buttons on your games thumbnail page. That are clickable and send you to the links you provided.

Instead of making ROBLOX ads advertise off-site social media, why not make the off-site social media advertise ROBLOX? That is, when you put an advertisement out, it would tweet it on Twitter or send a comment to your profile on Youtube. That sounds like it would be useful - if it had an on/off switch.