Social media concept - is this allowed in Roblox?


I just thought of a cool “game” idea/concept that might be a little project I’ll work on but won’t make it a full-on “game.” The concept of the game is kinda like a Roblox Social Media. It will be kinda like twitter I guess you could say, but you can’t upload pictures or anything, just text (Obviously everything you will “post” in there will go through the same moderation filter as in the Roblox chat.) The thing is that I don’t know if that is allowed on Roblox, because if it isn’t, I’ll drop the idea. I just thought it is a cool little project to work on to make it. Obviously there will be moderators in the “game” making sure people aren’t spamming and saying anything bad and your account has to be over a certain amount of days on Roblox. But I just want to know if I am allowed to make that type of thing on Roblox. Thanks!

I mean eh, you are BUT, I don’t think people will play games like this since you can easily communicate in Roblox’s GAME & in Roblox’s Website… (Just wanted to put that out there). Second thing is, if you are going with the similarity in with twitter, people can file a copyright claim for that game. (Don’t know if users will do that but nice to know from the start.)

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank for the feedback! I’ll surely make sure not to involve TOO many features like from Twitter because I don’t want to find myself in any legal issues or something like that lol. But thanks for your thoughts on it, I’ll take your reply into consideration, thanks!

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I know I’m a bit late but you should probably put chat filtering so people don’t post swear words!

LOL don’t worry you’re not late :sob: I implemented that a while ago since I figured it’d be an issue. To be honest, that idea is the only thing keeping me on Roblox right now because I don’t use it for anything else other than developing that game. :skull: