Social Media Manager/Project Manager [14 Years of Experience]

About Me

Hey! I’m Sip, I’m a 27 year old adult born in 1994 that has been managing Social Media Accounts and building communities ever since I was 13. I’ve been on the ROBLOX platform for 6+ years and have owned many Social Media accounts for 14+ years! alongside contributing to over 1.4 Billion Visits!
I currently own 4 Semi big media accounts, 2 which are verified which is my Instagram and my Facebook. My TikTok account having the most followers with 93.5k+ Followers and my YouTube having the least with 4.85k+ Subscribers. I have been a Social Media Manager for many big games such as Tower of Misery - Roblox which has over 1 Billion visits and gets a average of 30,000-40,000 Con Current a day! I’m also a Music Artist so if you ever view my Social Media Accounts you’ll mainly see my music posted. I also have experience with Managing/Setting up discord servers and have owned a discord account for 5+ years and I can help host events, Gather content creators, Increase the activity of the server, Make documents/trello boards for future updates/plans development wise, Make sure developers are on track, Help with marketing off of Roblox and much more! Keep in mind I like to keep everything professional but don’t think you have to act professional around me at all times when speaking to me. I can also speak fluent in two languages which is English and Pashto. The Pashto language is from a country called Afghanistan which has a population of over 40,000,000+ Million People so I can bring in communities from other countries aswell.

My Story

I first started Social Media on December 31st, 2007 on my old YouTube channel called “Sippy Qahir” I posted alot of gameplay from games like CounterStrike 1.6 where I would show my best moments and put it all into one video. I used to record for hours a day trying to get the best plays possible and I would play alot of competitive and team deathmatch with my brothers/friends, that just shows how much dedication I would put into Social Media just to be recognized. But unfortunately I would stop making these videos since after doing it for two years I would only have a subscriber count of 22 subscribers. BUT I didn’t quit Social Media there, When I was 18 years old I would start my career as a music artist and make music on SoundCloud and Spotify for years until I officially made my first song on YouTube called “Flex” in 2014. Two weeks later I released a music video for my song flex and it ended up going viral getting 1M+ Plays on Spotify and 400k+ Views on YouTube! My grind didn’t stop there as 2 months later I would release another music video which would also get 180k+ Views on YouTube and another two months later I would release another song called “Moment” Which got 230k+ Views on YouTube. But unfortunately in 2019 I would take a break off of music due to being shot in front of Red arrow and having to take two years off of music. Article: Man suspected of shooting two people outside Red Arrow Diner in Manchester waives arraignment My parents were told I had a 3% chance of living but after months of being in the hospital and doing multiple surgery’s I ended up making it out the hospital alive, But the only thing about the shooting is I cannot move my left arm fingers and the doctors do not have a clue whether I will ever be able too. I ended up bouncing back and getting ranked #5 on iTunes for my album “Sleep in peace” Passing famous rappers like Post Malone, Eminem, Juice WRLD, and more. I also got very healthy and have been working out lately and I have been getting stronger and stronger each day mashallah and I have made a music video explaining my story called “Operation” which got 45k+ views and you can view the video here: SIP - "OPeration" | Dir. by @dark.sight - YouTube

Why should you hire me?

• I have experience running big Social Media Platforms.

• Deep understanding of creating/managing Discord servers, Trello boards, and google documents.

• I Have experience running companies/clothing brands

• Great communication skills and can get along easily with others!

• Huge understanding when it comes to video games (20+ Years of gaming experience)

• Experience in running a team and keeping the developers on pace!

• Can provide ideas to add into the game.

• Can help with marketing off of Roblox.

• I can take charge whenever needed!

• Can provide honest criticism about the game if wanted.

• Can help with Finical Management.

• Experience working with big influencers/gathering influencers.

• Can create Online Contracts for developers to sign before starting development.

• I have owned Social Media Accounts since 2007 and have alot of experience in building a following for almost every Social Media account.

Why having a manager is important

Having a manager is very important, whether you’re offline or you’re sick or having meetings to attend, you can have your Community Manager help take charge and hold things down while you’re gone. Managers are helpful in a variety of ways, They can keep track of what the development team is doing and making sure they’re on track, they can write down documents and make trello boards for future development updates if needed, they can keep the discord server and Social Media activity high and mainly build up hype for the project, and lastly they relieve a ton of stress and pressure off of the owner.

What I will/will not do

• I will NOT develop for you, I’m a manager my goal is to keep your discord server activity high and help run your Social Media accounts, NOT modelling.

• I will provide feedback on work developers make and give my honest opinion about it if needed from another persons perspective.

• I will NOT work for free under any circumstances. I will also not take any % unless the game is already successful.

• I will help provide ideas to add into the game and write an google document/trello board to help relieve stress of the owner if needed.

• I will NOT ever announce things that aren’t needed and I will NOT abuse my power under any circumstances.

• I will help assist with hosting developer/staff meetings alongside making the schedule if required.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I hire you over other postulants?
Why I think you should hire me over other candidates is because my years of experience. I’ve been doing this for almost a decade and a half and throughout this journey I’ve discovered more possibilities on how I can both improve your project and get it to the success it needs. I also have experience working with big influencers, building up big followings/communities, and leading groups to success.

2. Why are you on Roblox instead of focusing on music fulltime?
I mainly use Roblox as a website to promote my music and help fund my music videos so I can create awesome music videos and hopefully take off as a fulltime rapper. I also used to love creating games since I used to play alot of video games back than such as Counter Strike 1.6 and left 4 dead 2.

3. Do you work for free or take % as a payment?
Unfortunately I do not as I think it’s a waste of time for me and unfair since I’m confident the service I provide you will definitely not disappoint and I always try to create as much time as possible for each client and if I decline you don’t think it’s because of your project it possibly means I’m just quite busy on schedule and can’t accept anymore job offers.

4. What made you get into Roblox/how did you discover Roblox?
I discovered Roblox back in 2015-2016 when I was a sophomore in college and my brother who was addicted to Roblox ended up showing it to me and at first I always thought it was a Childs game but then 2 months later I had a friend of mine show me how much people were making on this game and he talked to me on how he wanted to try and develop on there since he was majoring in Computer science and he always loved to try out new things and then I decided to create a account and see if Roblox catches my interest. I ended up being a pretty decent modeler and got hired for multiple big games with over 200M+ visits but then stopped developing late 2019 due to being handicap and not being able to move my fingers from my left arm so now I moved into management and hopefully take off as much as I did when I was a modeler.

Social Media Accounts

TikTok: TikTok (93.6k+ Followers)
Instagram: (18.7k+ Followers)
2nd TikTok: TikTok (11.2k+ Followers)
Spotify: Sip | Spotify (8.3k+ Monthly Listeners)
Facebook: Redirecting... (8.1k+ Followers)
YouTube: (4.7k+ Subscribers)
Old YouTube: (First Social Media Account)

Influencers I’ve worked with (off platform)

Cardi B: (103M+ Followers)
French Montana: (15.3M+ Followers)
HoodVille: (7.4M+ Followers)
itsbizkitt: (647k+ Followers)
salxo: (590k+ Followers)
shalizi: (295k+ Followers)
cokeboy_president_: (217k+ Followers)
EYYCHEEV: (140k+ Subscribers)
djartzbeats: (130k+ Followers)
wrkinsilence: (60.5k+ Followers)
dramab2r: (54.8k+ Followers)
louarmstronghm: (43.8k+ Followers)
dark.sight: (28k+ Followers)


Social Media Manager for Tower of Misery (1.3 Billion Visits): Tower of Misery - Roblox

Contributor for Tower of Dread (208.7 Million Visits): 🏃 Tower of Dread - Roblox

Developer for Dead Silence (50.4 Million Visits): Dead Silence [Horror] - Roblox

Contributor for Sea Difficulty Chart (21.2 Million Visits): Sea's Difficulty Chart Obby - Roblox

Contributor for Burger Queen Restaurant: (7.1 Million Visits): Burger Queen Restaurant 🍔 - Roblox

Head Administrator for Roll Call: (2.2 Million Visits): SUPER FUN BALL OBBY! - Roblox

Project Manager for Aerborne Airports Inc: (285k+ Members) Aerborne Airports, Inc. - Roblox

Manager for EYYCHEEV: (150k+ Subscribers): EYYCHEEV - Roblox

Terms of Service

When hiring me I may take upfront payment if you do not have a popular background and the reason for this is so I don’t get scammed. You must understand I am a human so if I don’t respond to you immediately do not get frustrated as I’m not always on 24/7, and I will also never work for free as I get no benefit from it. Please keep in mind I can also quit anytime if I feel like the project won’t go anyway but I will never ask for payment than procced to quit so don’t worry! Agreeing to these Terms of Service is when you hire me and I will make sure you have read the Terms of Service and have fully agreed before starting work.

My Website/Company

My Trailer: Recap of me & Cardi B #moneyup 🌹 | By Sip | Facebook

You can view my website here to discover more of my Socials, See my Clothing Brand, Latest Music Videos, Collaborations, Blogs, and Discover more about me!

Here is my fast food restaurant that I’ve helped with Management for 10+ Years.

Confirmation Videos

Vid 1

Vid 2 (Twix was the user that wanted proof it was me)

Vid 3 (Another Client that wanted proof it was me

I’ll no longer be making videos like these above for clients as I now have my Social Media Accounts connected to my Discord Profile.


I’m available to dedicate 3-4 hours a day to your project on the weekdays due to work and shooting videos, but I’m available all day on the weekends and Thursdays. My timezone is EST.


I mainly prefer USD (PayPal) but I can also do robux depending on the amount. Pricing can be discussed in dms. (I do not take % unless the game is already successful since percentage isn’t always guaranteed payment and is a risk payment for games that haven’t released yet)


I mainly prefer speaking on devforum first before moving to discord.


This topic was moved to this account since I’ve finally gotten member.

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Updated Portfolio, Unavailable to be hired for now.

I have worked with Sip in the past on large development projects and games. Sip is extremely hard working and a great manager. On multiple occasions, he has helped us get out of tricky spots and get us back on track. If you are struggling to manage a group of devs or need someone to put their all into a group this is your guy.


Thanks! Added another section for my Website, Available to be hired currently due to me catching up on work and have a lot of time for more projects!

This user does good work for Tower of Misery.

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Sip is very professional. I found Sip a day ago with the hope of building a development team since I need time to edit videos and maintain my YouTube Channel.

With just one day, Sip already found potential talents for the team. He is very efficient and effective as a manager.

Also, this post is very informative too. The portfolio template is so good that I can already see other people start using this template without giving him credit, which is kind of sad.

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Thanks! Unfortunately there has been people who have been copying paragraphs from my portfolio and using it for there portfolio, Won’t say any names but they’re famous and know exactly who they’re.


I recently commissioned SipOfReality to build several obbies for a Tower platformer game I was working on. He finished the work in a timely manner and was always interested in listening to my feedback. I am writing this as an endorsement for his future commissions.


I worked with him on several projects and I can honestly say that he is very good at his job. Very friendly, kind and professional.


Forgot to plug my new music video but go check it out! SIP - 5 AM (Dir. @DarkSight) - YouTube

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Hello, are you open for hire? I’m extremely interested!

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I can vouch for this man have worked with him for years as a producer and always guided us when it came to marketing and leading us as a manager.

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New section (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions has now been added!