Social Media: Your Company

Getting your company out there is easier than ever! In this event learn how to leverage social media platforms to grow your business and take a stance in the competitive online world!

:speech_balloon: We’ll be going over…

  • How to advertise efficiently and effectively
  • The do’s and don’ts of managing a company social account
  • How to scale your company on social media
  • How to identify burnout and counter it

:spiral_notepad: Important Notes

  • You must be 13+ to attend this event.
  • Come with your questions prepared!
  • We recommend that you come ready to take notes.
  • This event will be hosted on Bevy Virtual or in-game at a virtual venue.

We look forward to seeing you at the event! :wave:


I have two questions:

  1. Do we need social media to attend?
  2. If we need social media to attend, does reddit count or just facebook and twitter?
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Nope, you are not required to have social media to join the event! Great question. :grinning:



Why focus on the company aspect of things when this is about Roblox developing? Will you go over how to scale your career on social media? :slight_smile:

Great questions! I’m going to be covering how to start or scale your personal career during the next event in this social media series, this event is tailored to development studios on how to correctly manage social media. However, if you want to still come along, I’m sure you’ll pick some tips off for a personal page.


As we dive into the depths of Metaverse, @Norman748 has taken a really good step to promote other values which can support development in general and not directly linked to Roblox development.

We believe that our community can also take up social values and learn other important topics! :smiley:


This event is going down THIS SATURDAY! Be sure to RSVP using the link below!!!

:link: See Social Media: Your Company at Roblox Norman748


I missed the event and was hoping to see it! Is there a recording of it anywhere so that I can still learn the information?

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I found the video recording here: Past Events | Roblox


Unfortunately we forgot to record this event, we apologize for the inconvenience. Recordings of past events can be found on this page. I did manage to record the QnA section of the Social Media: Your Company event, if you find that useful I can provide it. We will be making sure to record the events fully in the future.


It’s alright! I’d love to see just the QnA even if it’s not the main event.