SocialService Documentation Issues

The following links have a code sample at the bottom which uses block quotes:
Both are affected by the same issue.
Picture of the issue:

There also seems to be some other programming mistakes such as this line:

Should be:

local res, canSend = pcall(SocialService:CanSendGameInviteAsync(targetPlayer))

Another line:

Should be:

local res, canInvite = pcall(SocialService:PromptGameInvite(targetPlayer))

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Even this correction is not the right usage, both of those lines should either be this:

local res, canSend = pcall(function() return SocialService:CanSendGameInviteAsync(targetPlayer) end)

local res, canInvite = pcall(function() return SocialService:PromptGameInvite(targetPlayer) end)

or this:

local res, canSend = pcall(SocialService.CanSendGameInviteAsync, SocialService, targetPlayer)

local res, canInvite = pcall(SocialService.PromptGameInvite, SocialService, targetPlayer)

Also on the SocialService:CanSendGameInviteAsync page, there is a strange denotation of the RBXScriptSignal / Event:

and very similarly on SocialService:PromptGameInvite:

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Looks like an engineer wrote this and the publisher forgot to double check the code samples lol.
rbx::signal is the backend object for events.