Soft Shutdown teleport PrivateServers back to same PrivateServer

Hey! I have a soft shutdown script but can’t find out how to redirect players back into their same own private server and not another private server (e.g. - using ReserveServer won’t work I dont think)

I want to simply redirect into my own server again after shutdown via my Soft Shutdown script. My script currently works for public servers but I cant find the API for PrivateServers.

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I can only think of three solutions:

  1. ReserverServer and teleport to new-created private server
    Downside: New friend want to join? Can’t.

  2. Don’t just down private servers and let them refresh automatically when they rejoin or stop playing.
    Downsides: Old outdated private servers, but at least they can continue to play and anybody can join.

  3. Redirect to public server
    Downsides: Outside of their own private server.

Best option I see is case number 2 unless somebody knows how to actually redirect because seeing the API for TeleportService I cant seem to find anything about redirecting to player-owned private servers.

Pretty sure you can’t. The only in-engine API regarding joining servers is either public or reserved servers, not private servers.

The only thing I can think of is using TeleportToPrivateServer with the joinCode from a query to /v1/vip-servers/{id} but that leaves two questions: how you find the VIP Server Id in the first place (if the one from game.PrivateServerId is valid here) and if joinCode can even be used with TeleportToPrivateServer.

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