Soft's Clothing Commissions | Opened

Commissions are currently OPENED check my twitter to see my recent work!!


Hi, I am Soft or Selin. I am 16 years old. I live in Turkey. I love drawing and designing clothes. I’ve been in designing community since about 2020. Nice to meet you!


Availability: My time zone is GMT+3 so it is :

・8:00 AM (EST) - 4:00 PM (EST) Weekdays,
・23:00 (PST) - 05:00 (PST) Saturday
・11:00 (PST) -16 : 00 (PST) On Sundays.

I may not be active during exam times or when I have homework.

How do I make my designs?
First, I review the reference photo and determine the colors I should use. Then I draw a smooth sketch for myself and lower the opacity and draw a precise lineart. And then, I start doing basic coloring of the parts. Right after, I reduce the opacity with an airbrush or water brush and make the shading. Finally, I add details and accessories and give the final version. I don’t use essentials or free templates generally. You can find more information about my designing skills are progress you can visit the youtube profile that I linked below:

Experience: I have 15k+ sales of my own. Apart from that, I work on commissions. I also have been designing for 2 years. Some of the groups I work with are as follows.
・Sleepcore (100k+)
・Heartrate (95k+)
・Puffery (68k+)
・Envi (10k+)
・Cherry’s Walmart (35k+)

My designing rules:

  • I don’t make NSFW clothing since the Roblox moderation.
  • You’ll pay your commission, whenever I finish the sketch and the basic coloring.
  • If I started your commission, you cancel the commission because the outfit I was going to make was just for you !! if you’re going to cancel at half the commission don’t DM me, please.
  • Do not rush, sometimes I need to do other commissions, I am always trying my best to finish them.
  • Don’t DM me or add me for no reason, and don’t Dm me or add me if ur only looking for prices, because prices are down below.
  • If I’m not comfortable with the commission, I can cancel the commission.
  • Do not (try to) steal my design, I’ll DMCA you with my moderators.
    ⊹ Below are the looks of some of the clothes I have made so far:
Kawaii/cute fits ★

Trendy/emo/goth fits ★

How Does Payment Work?
First, I’ll send you how the outfit looks on a showcase, after that, you will pay, and then I’ll publish it to the Roblox template and put it on sale. I can send the template if needed.

⊹ Individual Shirt: 1000 Robux + tax or 10$ Roblox gift-card
⊹ Individual Pants: 1000 Robux + tax or 10$ Roblox gift-card

⊹Basic Clothing: 2000 robux + tax or 20$ roblox gift-card
⊹ Detailed Clothing: 2300 robux + tax or 20$ roblox giftcard

Payment Methods:
・Roblox gift card ( buyable with PayPal)

Roblox gift-card advantages:
・With gift-card purchases are faster + priority, and more detailed.
・You can buy the gift card with PayPal, from
・You don’t need to pay tax.


Communication ways:
⊹ Discord: sselin#8363
⊹ Twitter: ieselin
⊹ Roblox/Forum: sswlin
⊹ Discord Server: Soft's Clothing Comissions


I hired CxdBear for a lot of shirts,
Not only that she is cheap, she is an amazing person, very positive person, fast, awesome, beautiful, respectful, and lovely!
You’re the best! Keep your work, young lady! :heart:


It’s cheap and I really liked the result
I would certainly hire her again

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Please please please do not post your template for people to easily steal, even if it’s not the Roblox template (if anyone had the slightest familiarity with the template you’re using now, your clothing could be stolen in seconds). Put your clothing on showcases.


Oh thanks for the information, but there’s my username in the background i dont think people can steal it!

People actually can steal it. Your name (as far as I can see), is not on the clothing itself. Anyone can save the template, and transfer the outfit to the normal template very easily. I highly suggest putting a big watermark or deleting the templates and putting it on a showcase just like the person above stated.


Oh my god! thank you for information i’ll do it when im free ~♡

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Hello, I will tell you about something important. About 20 minutes ago, an outfit of mine was scammed. I am sharing the scammer’s discord name and their roblox username / link.
Discord: SpeedyTheEagle#1983

The proofs are below.


You should dmca him, so the clothing will be taken down.

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Very sorry this happened to you. Next time I recommend discussing the payment method before even starting so you make sure they know you’re not sending the templates before they pay.

Sadly this happens a lot. NEVER give someone the clothing template before they have paid. If they don’t agree with that, too bad for them. It’s not worth your time.

It’s always hard trying to figure out who to accept a commission request from. If you ever suspect that someone isn’t true to their word, you can always charge them a down payment. This is where they have to pay for the clothing in part or full before you design it or give them the template.

Never give anyone a template for clothing you designed before they’ve paid you first. This person could easily take the design and ghost you just like in this situation.

I also suggest that you filter the templates sent in that video since you are making yourself vulnerable for more people to screenshot that and steal it as well.

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