Software for exploiting, reverse-engineering, etc crash for 7+ months, please help

  1. I’d like to be able to run roblox player or roblox studio on my laptop. I first noticed it would hang and crash around christmas.
    Can I send the Client.dmp file to someone and find out what roblox is getting stuck on?

  2. The crash log files don’t show any clear reason why it thinks there may be RE/exploit activity. I have been getting variations on messages like this for months:

  3. I have not yet tried reverse engineering or installing an exploit to get around the exploit detection so far. I do regularly use x64dbg and ghidra for debugging and analysis of other software, and have a perfectly normal set of dev tools.

The desktop computer I do most of my reverse engineering activity runs Roblox just fine without complaints. That desktop contains binaries I would not willingly run outside a sandbox, but roblox isn’t bothered. Again, not roblox related. Roblox on Quest native app is fine, roblox phone app is fine. This one laptop has done this for months now without exception, even on a clean boot, with no other conflicting anticheat or debug processes running that I’m aware of.

I’m not aware that there is any kind of rootkit running on this laptop. I don’t even have wireshark or pcap installed, so I have no idea what it’s tripping on.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Roblox several times. I figured sooner or later it would just start working again.

Can I send the Client.dmp file to someone and find out what roblox is getting stuck on?

last time I checked if this is on your device anywhere, Roblox won’t open

That’s not true because roblox runs fine on 3 other computers I use that all have dev tools including x64dbg.

well people also reported that any word showing in a tab or on your device named that is going to make Roblox have the popup you’re having

Roblox’s braindead anti-cheat is against debugging software, you’re forced to make sure it’s not running

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