Solar System devlog ish

what do you guys think about this planet? Currently theres not much… 2 moons with meh graphics and no other planets, this is one of the planets in the system that im working on. But id like to hear some feedback… Maybe its the background? Or the star?


Its pretty good, However I think the group of stars on the left is a bit small. Maybe try making it bit wider? The right bottom side could use something too like a single star or a far away planet.


This looks very good! A part of it looks too dark though, maybe you should make that lighter.


yeah ill change the background or something.
Of course ill add another planet at some point

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Looks really detailed and realistic. A bit more light on the left side and it’ll be slightly better.

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Those are some big rings for such a small planet. I agree with the other comments. more stars! or less stars… as long as the left and right sky look more balanced~

this is at a very far distance… And as there are gas giants with absurdly large rings, it doesnt seem that bad. And yes ill add or reduce stars

new planet, doesnt look as good any suggestions?

Is it just me, or are there little white outlines around the planet?

It looks pretty decent though, so that’s a nice one.

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hmm yes it does sorta look like it has a white ish outline… Gonna try to remove or change it

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i like adding rings to planets but idk if i should keep this planet’s rings, also a newly formed moon

It could use an atmosphere, it looks unnaturally sleek.

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theres not much i can do without making the planet too vibrant, or too bright but it does have one thats not too visible but just makes the planet look nicer

I could hardly see the rings here :sob:.

Otherwise, it just looks okay to me.