[SOLD] Big city map with county

Hello, I am currently selling a game that has been in development for a while. It is a city map with a county, it is in a roblox realistic style (pictures will be below) I am currently looking for about 10-15k For it (Group Funds) or £10 paypal. This game is detailed and come with a: Dealership, Police station, Bank, Clothes store, petrol stations, houses, prison and much more detailed skyscrapers, Nice GFX and GUI’s can be used for many projects simply using the game as it is, changing it to suit your ideas or taking models out of it for other games.

Here is the game link: https://www.roblox.com/games/3008327238/Emergency-911-Southbay-City-ALPHA


Contact me below or via Aatlxs_DeV#8173

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Uhhhh, if all this is built by you, I seriously think you need to reconsider your prices. This game could go for MUCH more than 10-15k robux or £10! That probably took you at least 3 hours probably more to create. Minimum wage in Canada is $15.20/h. I’d say this is worth at least $50.

I understand if you want to ensure that you will sell it by lowering prices, but $15 is a pretty big difference. In the end though, its up to you what you want to do. Good luck selling this, and I hope you get payed its true value

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I’m interested! I will be messaging you on Disc.

players can easily steel that place and make a game before the buyer makes anything I recommend making the game private :slight_smile:

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