Soldiers Vs. Zombies Update Log

:radioactive: SOLDIERS VS. ZOMBIES :radioactive:

Thanks for taking an interest in our newest game Soldiers Vs. Zombies! SVZ is a team based PvP and PvE game with objectives on the map to fight over. The game is currently free to play while it’s in an Alpha testing state for the month of May! During this time we plan to iron out any bugs and performance issues that may arise during testing, along with adding new gameplay updates frequently.

:rotating_light: WARNING :rotating_light:

The game will always be in a constant state of balancing and tweaking to ensure that both teams are equally as powerful. With one team having guns and the other one having abilities, it’s understandably going to take some time to balance the game.

We have also noticed that the game’s rating is substantially lower than what we’re used to. We are confident that this is due to new players who cant buy any boosts struggling in the early game. Our main goal aside from new updates and balance changes is to ensure that new players have a chance to survive in the early game and we expect the rating to improve as new updates are released.

:balance_scale: BALANCE CHANGES :balance_scale:

All balance changes made after 5/10/2020 will be posted below.

:medal_military: MILITARY BALANCE CHANGES :medal_military:


  • Updated gun scripts for mobile and tablet players, allowing them to play in 3rd person. Double tap and hold the screen to shoot. The game is still pretty difficult on mobile but this quality of life update should make a big difference.
  • Shotguns damage increased, SMG’s damage and rate of fire increased, Assault Rifles damage and rate of incrase increased, LMG’s rate of fire increased


  • Chainsaw damage has been increased from 40 damage per second to 80 damage per second
  • Some pistols have been slightly nerfed


  • Chainsaw damage has been lowered from 200 damage per second to 40 damage per second


  • Automatic weapon fire rate has been reduced by 40%
  • Automatic weapon reload times have been increased by 50%
  • Knife damage lowered from 30 to 25
  • Katana damage lowered from 40 damage to 30


  • Inventory balance update - Soldiers can now only have 1 melee weapon, 1 pistol and 3 other weapon types equipped.

:zombie: ZOMBIE BALANCE CHANGES :zombie:


  • Walkspeed for zombie classes have been decreased by -1
  • Health for tank class has been lowered from 200 to 150
  • Health for boomer class has been lowered from 150 to 135


  • Walkspeed for all zombie classes has been increased by +2


  • Lunge damage was increased by 5
  • Pounce damage was increased by 5
  • Tank walkspeed has been increased from 16 to 18


  • Inventory balance update - The Tank class’ ability called ‘Tank Swing’ now replaces the currently equipped Swing ability in the inventory.


All published game updates will be posted below.


  • New soldier NPC’s have been deployed to the military base, giving zombies another way of earning experience and money
  • New zombie NPC’s have been scattered around the map to provide soldiers a new method of earning experience and money


  • New cash code system - redeem exclusive codes found in advertisements and on twitter for cash rewards in game!


  • New music system - Instead of music playing on a loop, specific soundtracks are played based on the player’s location and time of day.


  • The reward for the 2.5k player damage quest has been increased from $250 and +100 XP to $500 and +250 XP


  • Earn 1.5x Bonus XP while playing every Friday Afternoon - Monday Afternoon!
  • Play with a friend in the server for 10% bonus XP and money! Play with up to 5 friends in the server for a total of 50% bonus XP and Money!