Solea Hotels Rebuild Showcase

Hi, I’m venzsoi. The owner of Solea Hotels. I’m also it’s only developer and 3d modeler.

For those who don’t know me, I do own Solea Hotels. This hotel is far one of my productive hotels I’ve every created. The hotel made me inspire so much to push to my limitations.

Some of the 3d models weren’t copied, just inspired. :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’ll be showing you the before and after!

Version 1

Version 1.5

The building of the hotel started March 30 and Ended in April 5
V1.5 Revamped version was updated for a day.


Great work. I love it!


  • Add more stuff to the hotel, kinda looks empty. Especially on the 3rd image.
  • The grass material on the 2nd image kinda looks ugly. Remove it.


As i already said, i love the build! I rate that a 9.6/10 and I would pay 20k-40k robux for that hotel build. Keep up with the amazing work!


I love the style, it seems realistic, no feedback given.

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I really like the design of everything and the low-poly makes it look even better, in the screenshot where you showed the room it should have some paintings or pictures hanging on the wall to make it look more decorative.


Thanks for the feedback, we’ve removed things from our V1, now it’s v1.5. I can’t wait for your feedback!


Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your feedback, I’ll make sure add it in my future updates. :slight_smile:

When I first joined the game, I was presented with a buy VIP commands UI, I really think its a bad idea to have that as soon as the player.
I like how when mouse hovers over, the text changes color, apply this to the rest of the UIs.

Add a hide button on the main UI so its not always on main screen.

Maybe add some tweenservice effects with the UI.

really a good job with the building though.


I like the style it looks amazing but giving discord links in game is against ToS


Oh thanks for the suggestion, I’ll make sure to do something with the game guis since they’re so huge and hard to understand. Though I’m still having a hard time looking for new GUI artist and a programmer for it.