Solera Resorts | Training Session Schedule

:clock10: Solera Resorts | Training Session Schedule

Attending training gives you access to full worker privileges. Upon entering the training center, you have the option to become a housekeeping member, receptionist, or a member of our security team, all of which have their own specialized tasks. All training operations run based off of Eastern Time Zone, so please take the time to use the time zone converter provided below. Lastly, all training times provided below are subject-to-change. They will be updated as needed.

:books: Weekdays: (Mon-Fri) EST
6 AM
11 AM
4 PM
6 PM
9 PM
11 PM

:books: Weekends: (Sat-Sun) EST
2 AM
6 AM
10 AM
1 PM
4 PM
7 PM
12 AM

Please note that all the times listed are in the Eastern Time Zone (ET). If you need help converting your time, please use this website to help you:

:link: 1.1k
Good luck at training! Keep in mind that if you fail, you can always try again!

Training Center Link

-Soleraโ€™s Corporate Team

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