Solidify the Idea of Multiple Verified Email Addresses


As a Roblox player, it is currently difficult to deal with multiple verified emails. Currently, the idea of “multiple email addresses” on Roblox is quite vague; it’s more so “previous” email addresses, which are hidden. Other websites, such as GitHub, allows you see all your verified emails:

Ideally, all those verified emails would receive important alerts such as new logins, etc. (Roblox does NOT do this currently, which it should). Also, when clicking “forgot password” on the login page, you can choose any one of those verified emails. Currently, Roblox does do this, but it’s strange because:

  1. It is the page that tells you about your “previous emails” receiving the reset password email, but never lists them in the settings.
  2. If you do NOT enter a previously set email address, it does not denying the request. Instead, it shows this message every time:


The email isn’t actually sent it was not previously set, yet the title says so. Plus, how can we know if our email was previously set when they’re not listed? This is why I titled this “solidifying” the idea instead of introducing it because it’s there, just not clear or user-friendly enough.

What I’m asking for:

  1. This modal above should be removed and instead, when clicking “Submit,” should display in red that the email is not verified.
  2. You should be able to login with any one of those verified emails (right now, only the current one is allowed, not the previous ones).
  3. A list of verified emails be displayed in the settings and allow for easy removal of any one of them at any time. Right now, these “previously set” emails don’t allow them to be removed.
  4. All those verified emails should receive alerts such as logins and other security alerts.

Additionally, there can be a “primary” email address that receives non-security emails.

If these features were added, it’d improve my experience because I can easily monitor my account through multiple emails and not be forced to choose my “hub” email address. Plus, there is no guarantee that the email I input will always remain my most active one.

Thank you.