Solo test mode is loaded as "Player1" instead of current user

Not sure if this is a bug or not but It’s really annoying. For the past few days I’ve not been loading in as my current signed in user in solo test mode, and instead loading in as “Player1”. It wasn’t a problem until I started using datastores and player APIs. Is there a way to fix (if it is a bug) or disable this (if it’s not a bug, just a really annoying feature)

Here is footage of this “bug”, where I open my saved booths and they’re all gone. As well as not being able to get the username from user id.


Its probably a Error loading for character.

My ROBLOX studio has always done this. Not sure if there’s a option to disable it or not but yea.

From what I tested, this “bug” happens because of the name of your Script, try changing the name of the Script for any other and see if it solves

What script are you talking about? This bug started happening to me a few minutes ago and it’s really annoying.

Edit : Wait, I realized he’s talking about changing a random script’s name, it actually worked! Thank you a lot.