Solo Test server will run at client FPS values instead of being capped at 60hz

In my game I register a server “tick” every 1/60 (60 TPS) and use this for stuff like lag compensation and character replication. However server sided RunService events (Heartbeat, Stepped, etc) run at whatever I have my client FPS set to (currently 240, hence" Written To: [TickNum]" is printing 4 times before the next tick is processed).

Processed Tick: [TickNumber] prints every 1/60 (every time I register a server tick, this is capped in code to attempt to run at 60hz). Written To: [TickNumber] prints every 1/240 (same as my client FPS set in the settings menu).

Expected behavior

I expect studio to attempt to simulate server updates at 60hz (same as live servers) regardless of my client FPS.


Looking for someone to check this out - thanks for the report!!