Solution to Eliminate Bots in Groups and Game Asset Comments

As a Roblox developer, I enjoy the interaction and sense of community the comment sections provide, under various game assets such as Badges, and Game Passes. But the most recent wave of bots has been absolutely absurd with their spam, posting comments on the same item, sometimes even within the same minute of each other. Making this once useful feature downright impossible to utilize at the moment.

A few examples from my game to showcase the intensity of this issue:

The same could be said for groups, but member approval, whether manual or automated via the usage of bots, is a very effective way to combat against them, albeit tedious.

So I would like to offer a practical solution to this issue that would eliminate all but the hacked account spam;

Allow developers to set an asset requirement, specifically badges, to be able to post comments on a game’s assets (Badges, store items, etc.), or be able to participate in a specific group.

Since the requirement would be entirely set by the developer, the bots would have to get that requirement on every single game they wish to spam which is nigh on impossible without human intervention. Which would defeat the entire purpose of bots.

An example requirement for my game could be reaching level 1, which only takes a few minutes to achieve but would completely annihilate bots in their current form. Another example using the current Easter event game would be getting the egg in the tutorial for the same effect.

This change would even allow for the game’s comment section to come back spam free, assuming the developer sets a requirement to participate. Other improvements such as removing all comments made by a user after permanent termination would also help to combat against the bot spam, but not nearly as proactively as the suggestion I’ve made here.

Would love to hear some feedback on this proposal.


Before the community somehow manages to shoot this idea down, I’d like to take a moment to realize that this has been a problem for a long time and nothing has been done about it. What I like about your Idea is that what you’re suggesting is simple yet theoretically effective and could potentially eliminate this problem in most cases.

I’m totally for it.

The only problem is, will Roblox actually do something about it or stand by and watch bots take over the population of the Roblox community?


A group overhaul is long overdue anyway, once a group reaches a certain size the group wall becomes an unusable mess with the only purpose of the group essentially being a glorified newsletter.


support im tired of having to move bots into the muted role everyday.


This is honestly a great yet simple solution to such a large-scaled problem.

Well done, I never thought of this.


Support, great Idea. Still awaiting a group overhaul though…


So, I actually switched my group to member approval a few days ago. We get like 60-200 members a day. This solved almost nothing. It seems that some of these bots lay dormant almost until they actually get in the group then go posting.

I do love your idea!


I like your idea, however I am a little cautious on the developers.
If the developer can chose who comments on the game to some extent that could lead to bias reviews instead of a mix of good and bad.

Maybe a system built in to Roblox which allows users to comment based on play time, and to limit how many comments they can made. For example a max of 3 per day per game, considering they played that game for a minimum of 15 minutes that day. Or at least for badges.

Just my opinion, however we do need to eventually come up with a sustainable system for game reviews integrated into Roblox without having to use third parties and extensions.

2 months ago I wrote a bot for my community group that does exactly what I specified in my original post via badges. As a result, a grand total of 0 spam/bot posts have been made in my group during that time. The system is also great for community engagement as players automatically rank up in the group by obtaining rarer badges.

I am sad to see that comments have been removed from badges since making my post, and I strongly do wish an official implementation of this solution is sought after.

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