Solution to Roblox Studio Installer Crashing

When Update/Install the Studio. The Installer loads up but when it goes near the end then closes.

First Solution Solution:

  1. First Uninstall your “Roblox Studio Launcher”

  2. Press [Windows + R] and type %localappdata%, Press Enter. After that find “Roblox” and get into “Versions”

    or just navigate to (C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions)

  3. Find the Latest Version of RobloxStudio and Delete it

    [You can check by getting in each " version-****** ". You will find Studio logo with RobloxStudioLauncher and RobloxStudioInstaller]

  4. Reinstall RobloxStudio

If the First Solution Dosent work then Try my Second Solution

Second Solution:

  1. Get in the Latest version of RobloxStudio like First Solution

  2. Launch the “RobloxStudioLauncherBeta”
    Finding Studio Version 2

    [If you already deleted your Latest version of RobloxStudio and you don’t have it. Then install your RobloxStudio again. Of course, it will get closed but It will create your version of RobloxStudio}

Hope it works :slight_smile: