[Solved] 7R$ clothing sale gives me 1R$ in return

It’s possible Roblox changed how pending Robux works… However, it appears I am making 1R$ for sales of clothes that are 7R$. (Everything in this image is sold for 7R$)

Does anyone know why that is, did they change something? I keep searching but I cant find anything and it’s been happening since yesterday. I just don’t see a point in spending my time making something that will get me $.0035 worth of robux if that’s the case

I was a little offput when I started making 4R$ instead of 5 after they added that one update, but this seems to be a little crazy to me.


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show me the price for proof

otherwise idk contact support its probably a bug nothing has changed

You can check my group for further proof, it’s odd this is going on #STARGIRL - Roblox


Do you have automatic group payouts turned on? If so, the robux will be pending in your account instead of your group.

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They must have just updated that, I accidentally have had that turned on for like a year and it did nothing up until a couple days ago? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Edit: Now I have like 10 pages of payouts from the last few days :skull:


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