[Solved] Archived assets still appearing on main list


As the title states, archived assets are not removed from displaying on the asset list. This goes for any asset. The problem happens continuously and is constant. The assets on page 4 have been archived but are still visible. It’s been happening for at least a few days now that I have noticed. I’m not sure when it started happening though. Furthermore, there is no indication that the assets are even archived.

What I expect to happen is that the assets list only shows assets that have not been archived.



Go to the link and navigate to page 4 for audio. Then compare with the list of archived items.

Page URL: https://create.roblox.com/dashboard/creations?groupId=16675761&activeTab=Audio


I have the same problem with Decal Assets. I had to archive over 200 assets because of an API error and they clog up 5 pages of my assets list. Why is there a “Show Archived” toggle if they appear without it turned on.

The expected behaviour would be if archived assets don’t appear on the list unless the toggle is enabled.
Instead, the toggle hides unarchived assets. This is an annoying design choice.

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Hi, we’ve released a fix for this. Please let me know if you are still seeing issues!


The issue appears to have been corrected.


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