[Solved by Roblox Update] Game that used to appear #1 in every relevant search term search, now appears rows lower, overnight

Reproduction Steps

My game is “realistic hand rp”, it’s the one with around 8000 online players. I search different search terms every couple days, yesterday included, “Hand”, “Hands”, “Realistic” and “VR”. I search them to see where my game, Realistic Hand RP shows up in the search results. Many of my players come from these searches. My game used to appear #1 for every relevant search, like the ones I listed above. Now it shows up much further down in all of them. My game now shows up below my Test Place that shares the same name, and my game shows up below a fake ripoff game with 0 players that shares the same name. For months, all the way up until yesterday night, my game has been #1 in the searches. Now, it has been sent down this morning out of nowhere. Please help me with this, thank you

Expected Behavior

The search results pages should not send a game down below 0 player rip offs that share the same name, overnight

Actual Behavior

The search results pages do send games down below 0 player rip offs overnight


There is no workaround

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: Realistic Hand RP 🖐🤏 Without VR [🔨Build Tool] - Roblox
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-10-01 00:10:00 (-07:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-10-01 00:10:00 (-07:00)


[Solved by Roblox Update]

Thanks for letting us know, closing this out.

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