[SOLVED] Car doesn't change angle on slope

Currently the car is being pushed by the BodyVelocity and BodyGryo, which are located inside the VehicleSeat. The car moves smoothly, as intended. However, when going up or down slopes, it doesn’t angle the car. It stays in a fixed “stick” position.

Trying to figure out a work around this, have yet to come to one. Any help would be welcomed! Thank you.

I’m assuming you have the torque on the BodyGyro set on every vector? If you do, changing the x or z will allow the car to tilt.

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Not entirely. The only time I change the BodyGyro, is during the turning of the car.

if script.Parent.Steer == 1 then
	script.Parent.BodyGyro.cframe = script.Parent.BodyGyro.cframe * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(0,math.rad(-3),0)
if script.Parent.Steer == -1 then
	script.Parent.BodyGyro.cframe = script.Parent.BodyGyro.cframe * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(0,math.rad(3),0)

Other than that, that’s all that’s effecting the Gyro.

The bodygyro will keep targeting the x/z rotation of the car at the time it’s set, which would keep it from tilting up/down if that vector’s torque is too high.

If the torque is high in all vectors then maybe try lowering either x or z. I don’t know which would account for tilt.

Yup, that did the trick, I needed to reduce the torque on the x and z. Now I just need to fiddle around with it until I like what I see. Thank you very much!

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