[SOLVED] Decal Uploading Limit

I have recently been encountering an error which reads, “You are uploading too much, please try again later.”. It has only been happening today. I’ve never had this issue before, and I’ve uploaded MUCH more images on previous days. Currently I am trying to upload only 11 images, and every one or two it gives me the error. I then have to wait 1-2 minutes before I can upload the next ones.

I heavily upload images, it’s a big part of my development process. It’s a huge burden to me, as a developer, to have a wall put in my face when I am just uploading like I usually do. It is slowing down my development process by a large amount. I hope this can be changed to not be such a hindrance to developers in the near future.


There is a post by jparty in dev discussion on this.

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Oh, I did a search prior to posting and I guess I just used the wrong keywords!

Thanks for the quick reply, wravager.

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