[SOLVED] Detailed Rthro GFX looks...a bit off to me?

( Please note that if you’re new to Blender and dont know how to make complicated images like the one below, the Rthro thing isnt my problem. The rendering is. So anyone who uses Blender can possibly help here.)

So 2 hours ago I decided to practice my GFX skills and tackle something barley anyone in the art community uses.


I decided to use them in a test GFX with realistic textures to see how it’d look and after 2 hours later…

It came out amazing.

But…if you look closely…there’s tiny parts that didnt turn out so well…

A few small parts of the image have little green pixels for some reason…

I dont know if the denosing isn’t high enough or if it’s an issue with the glowing green ores or what…but it’s just annoying to look at the more you examine these spots.

This is only my first draft of the image, i plan on putting in more characters later on and possibly doing other fixes to it.

But in order to move on with the next draft…i gotta figure out what’s wrong with this draft.

More images for more detail on the situation:

I’d try to fix the problem myself…but it’s late…plus spending 8 hours trying to fix an issue for a test render that won’t go anywhere isn’t worth it.

( Only made this render to practice and possibly display on a future portfolio. )

Any help is appreciated.


Cranked the denosing to 100 which solved the pixel problem, but the lighting is still a bit weird.

Any help is still appreciated.


There’s a two settings that might help your lighting render a little better!

Contact Shadows will help you combat light leaks.

Increasing the samples as high as your computer can take at a reasonable speed is always optimal. This will also help with the noise issues.

If your computers samples can’t handle high samples, try looking into the D-Noise addon.

The lighting may also benefit from some rim/back lighting stemming from the bright spheres to give your subjects more definition in the dark environment they’re in.


Very useful!

The second half of your answer got rid of the noise problem entirely! Though as for the Contact Shadows…I’m not sure 2.79 even has something like that.

There is a Shadow Capture feature in 2.79, except i don’t know if it’s the same thing but just with a different name however.


Decided to post the final version here for everyone to look at.

Also i just took care of the lighting problem by removing the green spheres and using the blend tool in Gimp, incase anyone else runs into this lighting issue in the future.