[Solved] Editing text bubble

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  1. I would like to fork roblox’s bubble chat code in order to edit the bubble chat text to remove the word “hey” from all filtered messages.

My current attempts have failed. and I am not familiar enough with the code to do this.

I have tried using a forked version of the code and changing anywhere I could find references to the bubble text in the Bubble Chat local script. But the result never changes the actual bubble text when I say something. All of my attempts have failed to edit the default roblox chat bubble. I only seem able to edit the size and font etc.

Any advice or solutions are welcome!

Right now, from what I know, editing the filtering system can be a bannable thing. One person got their account terminated for trying to update the filtering system. I wouldn’t suggest doing it, but you could try looking through the scripts inside of the player and chat inside of the explorer.

I don’t want to unfilter a message, I want to replace the word hey with an emoji.
If there is a way to do that before the message gets filtered so that it doesn’t affect how roblox filters the message at all that’s also fine. If you know how it would be appreciated.

Oh, okay, I think I get what you mean. I once saw a post which does something like this. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

Thanks, that was enough information for me to figure it out. Appreciate it!