[SOLVED] How do I reset my profile picture?

Thank you, @Abroxus for making a post on this topic as well. They have posted a solution on their post.

I accidentally clicked on a new feature on the mobile app that changes your avatar’s position on the website and I don’t know how to reset it to default. How do I do that?

how my profile looks

how a default profile looks and how i want it


As of right now, I think there’s no way to revert it to default. I’ve been looking for a fix on this, and your DevForum post seems to be the only close thing to a post made on the situation. I would recommend suggest it in a feedback support ticket, or get somebody with higher influence to report it on other social medias where Roblox’ staff actively look. It’s a shame nothing can be done about it right now, but hopefully there will be a fix in the future.


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