(Solved) How to rotate workspace

I am trying to make a racing game where you sometimes go upside down but when I try to move the workspace with a local script it will not find Origin in the workspace because it thinks it is trying to look for a child of workspace. I want to make it rotate like the video below:

I’d love it if anyone can help me. Here is the script I am trying to change the Origin:

while true do
	if script.Parent.CarModel.Value then
		workspace.Origin = script.Parent.CarModel.Value.PrimaryPart.CFrame
		workspace.Origin = CFrame.new()

“Origin” property is not scriptable, you can use PivotTo() instead. But it is anyway not a good idea, the entire workspace (especially smoothly) rotating is F for performance

Thanks for helping! I used PivotTo and it worked. It is kind of laggy but I will keep a delay between each time I use it and I will try to make the vehicle’s gravity go below it now.

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