[Solved] Moving Texture From Blender To Studio

Hello everyone! I was building a sword and learned to bake a texture into Roblox studio put I run into this problem where only half of the texture is put into Roblox.

Front Blender

Back Blender

Front Roblox

Back Roblox

Any ideas?

What’s happening is that your point light is influencing the brightness of the baked texture, and your 3D viewport is set to show material output - the baked texture and the material output are different things.

You can actually see the dark side on the texture and the light side where the point light is haha.

To fix this, go to bake your texture again, but this time set the Bake Type to Diffuse and turn off Direct and Indirect (as these pertain to lighting), and bake only the Color information (which pertain to your materials).

Note that using only Color works for your case because you don’t have any normal maps or spec maps. If you did, you might have to add more lights and do a few other things to arrange how the texture bakes. But for this simple texture, you don’t need to.


Ok thank you so much for your help!