[solved] Scrollingframe ( selection, event ) problems

Okay so I am trying to fix something that conflicts with my f3x tool and my events that won’t fire, basically;

I can barely put it in words so I prefer to illustrate it instead;

What you see here is me trying to select stuff that’s covered by the Scrollingframe
( vertically covering the entire screen up to have the sentences fully displayed ),
however my Scrollingframe is preventing me from sliding my selection to the top.

I’ve also had the issue where Mouse.Button1Up won’t fire if mouse is released within the Scrollingframe unlike outside of it.

I couldn’t find any topics or anybody else having issues with this, I also lack the keywords to search for that describes this problem.
My solution to counterattack the selection problem is by minimizing my scrollingframe though that’d ruin the point of my minimalistic & simple chat design I’m going with.

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You can usually fix this by changing TextBox.Active to false in your custom chat box.

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Really appreciated, thank you :D!