[SOLVED] "Simple issue", what's wrong with my part reference?

Hey developers! :wave:

This is a very short and simple post, but my issue is driving me crazy.

I am not the best scripter, I only know some basics, and I have troubles with those even! So. I’ve references a part in a LocalScript, which is under a ScreenGUI, for a decal changing script I am working on.

Every time I hop in to test the game, I meet this error:

And I am 100% sure the names both in the local script, and the parts’ are correct.


I am not sure if this is an issue because it’s a local script, or whatnot, but I need someone to open my eyes, because I cannot find the mistake.


The client loads faster than the server, so its attempting nil, adding a waitforchild solves the issue

local part = workspace.SignModel:WaitForChild("Sign0001")

Didn’t know that! I am glad I do now! :smile:

Thank you for your help, script now works as expected! :heart_hands:

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