[Solved] Why are triangles so unoptimized?

I unioned some parts together, and this is what I got.

Is this intentional? Why are there so many triangles on flat surfaces of unions?


I am legitimately so stupid. Those triangles were roblox terrain below the roads. :skull:


why are u copying and not resizing parts for what is seemingly a perfectly straight road

this was one small chunk of an extremely curved road. it’s also still in somewhat early development which means that i might move things around

Well, this proves how unoptimized the Roblox terrain is beneath.

Though I wouldn’t recommend unions because they tend to have bad collisions, though they can’t possibly be worse than terrain.

CollisionFidelity PreciseConvexDecomposition

Fixes collision problems.

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Yeah it fixes collision issues, but it’s bad for performance. :+1::grin: