(SOLVED) Wrongful Moderation On The Forum (Spam)

This topic has been solved, Do not reply.

As per what the Feedback PM says, you can appeal via Roblox Support.

“Roblox Support is unreliable!!!1!11!”

Whether that’s true or not, they are still your best shot as its the official and encouraged way to appeal the action.

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Good idea, although the thing is I don’t wanna go ahead and contact moderation all over a single little warning.
I also just wanted to post this here, so I can see if I am alone here.

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I mean, they’re not wrong. Is this your full message? Is this a reply to a topic or even worse, a full on topic? This is considered as spam since, if every user that joined would create a topic/reply saying that this is their first message on the forum, it would obviously flood all the topics. Call me a boomer but the forum isn’t supposed to be “chatty”, except for #development-discussion

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This was a reply to a topic, and it is also my full message.

That would be considered off-topic aswell, but what was the topic about? More important, was it in the Dev-Discuss category?

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Let me check… I’ll edit this when I figure it out, be right back!

Edit:Semi-Realistic Tornado
This is a Community Resource post.

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Yeah that is definitely considered to be off-topic. I completely understand your enthusiasm on how you are finally able to chat on the DevForum :wink:, but your reply wasn’t relevant to the original post. That is why it got taken down.


Yep, can see why it got flagged, that is for the full reply you posted. My opinion is you were in the wrong for this one, but I’m impressed you called it out. And, for introduction topics, I recommend the official one.

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It is understandable, but I also just want in general for there to be more alert when you get moderated.

@SomeFedoraGuy What impressed you? I don’t understand, it is just a normal post I feel like.

I was impressed that you wanted to publicly ask on what went wrong. Not a good reason for everybody


I thought most people would haha, maybe I am just special.

This post will be locked, thanks for replying everyone.