[SOLVED/IGNORE] Group Revenue at 10% Even though I'm TBC?

I seem to remember this being mentioned here before, but I can’t find the thread.

So I sold a Developer Product in my group game:

But the pending sales are 1? They should be 7. I own the group and I’m TBC.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Group Link: Farmulator™ - Roblox
Game Link: Farmulator - Roblox

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Also, OP, you should include a link to the group / the place the dev product was sold in.

@EchoReaper Thanks, added that in.

This is really painful if it’s going to stay like this for more than a few days. I’m planning to release into BETA in a day or two and I’ve only just discovered this. :confused:

Reference: Ridiculous 90% market fee on group places

Now it’s showing 2 Robux, and I haven’t sold anything else…

Oh, wow, it turns out some of the money went directly into my account because of Revenue Splitting.

I was really confused about this as there was no way of telling from the group page.

Sorry about that.

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