Solving simple equation with script

Simple thing : I need a way to solve different equations through a script, my simple example :

300 * x = 60 -- I need x solved, the 300 can be anything.

x = 60/300

so x = 0.2

300 * 0.2 = 60
or 300/5 = 60

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I don’t need the equation from above solved, I need to know how i can always calculate different numbers. As said, the 300 from above only is an example.

Do you mean something like this?

local a = 300
x = 60/a

I remember seeing someone asking the exact question in the Scripting Helpers discord a couple of days ago, maybe it was you.

This is very simply, just convert the equation into a function, where the knowns are parameters and the unkown is the returned value.

function solve(a, c)
    return c/a

--coonvert the equation 300*x=60 into x = 60/300
local x = solve(300, 60)
--make sure the parameters are alligned perfectly
--the equation a*b=c will become b = solve(a, c) where a and c are the known constants.

Wow, too sad I overlooked that, thanks you all though.

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But that wouldn’t always work. What if you were doing multiple equations, you wanna be using functions for more efficiency, and not copy pasting lines. Also he didn’t put 60 into a variable, he just wrote what incapaz wrote but put it inside of code blocks…

Yes, but the equation will always look like that, with only those 300 being anything.
I only needed that to properly calculate the firerate for a gun.

60 seconds / Shots per minute = delay between each shot