Solving the Roblox Event Banner Issue

All Roblox Games on the Games Page look the same.

This includes Roblox Event Games

The only way the Event games can tell people that they are an Event Game is to use an Event banner.

While this does help in some cases there are games that can take advantage of the format and style of the banner.
@Boonite posted this
There is also

What I propose is that Roblox should support these game by making them stand out a bit more and help them succeed. Roblox should make the back of the game image Red to help them stand out as shown below.

This makes the game stand out and shows users that this is a real event game sponsored by Roblox. The game also would get to keep all of the space that the banner took up before.

I think this would really help the users determine what is and isn’t an event game.
Thanks for reading my suggestion!


Why can’t like it twice? Or three times? Or four? Or five?

You have my support my dude. (Also mods could moderate assets that would mislead the user into a clickbait game, but that’s another topic)


I love this. It’s an easy-to-implement solution that would help prevent clickbait. It’s also a win win for developers and Roblox. Devs get more traffic and don’t have to worry about changing their icons while Roblox gets more impressions, allowing them to charge sponsors more.


This could be also be used as a method of communicating updates, if you play a game and its updated, the next time you visit the Games page it’ll be in a yellow-gold until you play it again.

Either way, this would make for a really cool feature!


I really want to see this happen. It looks great, solves the problem and seems perfectly doable!




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Love it! Cool idea and beautiful design. Thanks for posting that!

You’ve gained my support for this, hoping to see it become a feature for Roblox to use. :slight_smile:

Perfect solution to a nasty problem. Support whole-heartedly!


Why the heck is Roblox not moderating the icons in the first place?


Completely support this. A very simplistic solution to a particularly big problem. Would love to have this be a feature.
(Plus the red looks cool for the background imo)

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Support! I don’t think it’d be too hard for them to port over the “Sponsored” little thing and make it that :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is actually genius! As @berezaa pointed out, it’d be a win-win for everybody, and it also looks great!

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