Some Assets for both Builders and Scripters

Over my time, I’ve decided to publish a few free models here and there for the purpose of general public use. I think it’s great to supply code and models to those who are newer to the systems available on Roblox. It’s also really helpful to give tips and tricks for design to make things easier.

For now, this post will be a sort of piled-up collection of things I definitely want to share, so there will be things from all different categories of design here.

Scripting Resources

In this category you’ll see libraries (modules) and ordinary scripts.

All of my scripts use plenty of comments and descriptive variable names, so learning from them should be fairly easy.

I’ve made a lot of public scripts, namely modules. If you’re new to scripting, ModuleScripts can be a very powerful tool if you have multiple objects that do the same exact thing. Using tables, you can create your own makeshift classtypes. These makeshift classes are quite similar to actual classes that you might observe in more complex languages.

Here’s some things I’ve made for you all:

  1. Realistic Snow Script and Realistic Rain Script are two scripts I made for aesthetic purposes. Unlike most of the current free-model rain scripts, these scripts run locally and create rain/snow for just that player. This allows it to appear laglessly, and only be created around the player to reduce part count. Even better, the parts are strictly local, so they won’t affect anyone else.
  2. FastCast - The information on this asset has been moved to a dedicated thread. You can see that thread [here]

Building Resources

In this category you’ll see models and meshes.

I like building too. There’s been some issues though my time because of difficult solutions to some problem in what I want to design, whether it be not having just the right shape or needing something a tad bit different than what we have.

Some stuff:

  1. Animated Terrain water as a part - It’s a block that uses a modified version of the internal water textures and a simple animation script to change these textures. It looks pretty good, too.
  2. High-poly primitives (Sphere | Cylinder) - These were uploaded because some of my recent builds used really huge spheres or cylinders. They look OK at small sizes, but when they’re huge, the default roblox shapes really begin to reveal their lack of complexity (e.g. seeing each side used for the sphere mesh). These meshes aimed to fix that, and didn’t do half bad.
  3. Trapezoids! (Trapezoid (50% top size) | Trapezoid (20% top size)) - These were originally uploaded so that I could use better material placement than the stock trapezoid mesh type offered. Conveniently, in light of an upcoming change to parts, these have quite some significance. Trapezoids are to be created with the “Torso” MeshType of a SpecialMesh, which is being changed into a standard block rather than a trapezoid in that change.

I hope that you all had a good use for at least one of these objects. If I messed up anything, I do encourage a reply or message so I can get it fixed up.


Thanks for these resources, the FastCast library is super useful, as well as very neatly written and easy to follow.


I know this is an old thread, but I found these Assets to be invaluable and I just had one suggestion regarding Animated Terrain water as a part

I noticed that every time the Animation Sequence got to the end and started over again, there was a noticeable hiccup due to the 0.035 wait time in the animation sequence. I made this slight modification to the code to make it appear more seamless in the animation. I thought that, perhaps, anyone else using this Asset might find it useful. I just changed line 10 to set the sequence to Animation #2 instead of Animation #1 as it seems both frames are the same frame, so the water appears to “freeze” momentarily.

	if CurrentTextureIndex > #TextureIDs then
	    CurrentTextureIndex = 2