Some audio search terms are returning irrelevant results

Some common audio search terms are consistently returning irrelevant results. I’m searching Roblox uploaded audio only.

In the example below (and the URL provided) I searched “applause.” The first 8 results are not applause related nor do they sound enough like applause to make a suitable alternative sound effect.

The 9th item is the first applause related sound effect but it is only a single clap sound effect. I have to scroll to the 23rd item before I get an actual applause sound.

In the linked URL example, the first result for “applause” is a sound called "Rain on leaves 2 (SFX). The word applause doesn’t show up anywhere in the sound title or description. I’m unsure why this sound was even placed in this search.

I’ve tried this with a few other search terms and I’m seeing similar results. When searching for “Bell” the first six results are a random mix of sounds including a knife sheath, dishes/cutlery, phone rings, slot machine and a vehicle horn.

Some search terms bring up mostly relevant audios, like “explosion” will bring up some explosion sound effects but those will be mixed in with “crash” sound effects that might be considered close enough. Other terms like “Robot” or “Sparkle” bring up a list of audios containing those phrases and are usually relevant.

P.S. I’m not sure browser information is relevant to this, but I’m using Chrome on Windows 11.

Page URL:


Interestingly, I cannot reproduce your experience with that exact search term, but I have experienced this behavior elsewhere. Most notably, the “Rain On Leaves 2 (SFX)” audio seems to show as a result quite often. Perhaps there is additional text being indexed on the backend?

As requested, a couple more examples.

I was looking for music for an awards show, so I searched “awards” and these were the results. Most of them were unusable because they were too short with only one being a full song.

So I tried to get longer results by searching “awards song”

The results are even less accurate. Notably there is now a christmas song… and this one song “faded” which is a soft pop song with lyrics. Again the results are very short pieces.

Then I tried “Awards background music” hoping the context algorithm would kick in but no luck.

Again, super short songs as well.

Now lets say I liked that soft pop song “fading.” You’ll notice its the (a 60) version which means its the “a” track (main version) but cut to 60 seconds. I want to find the full version, so I search for Fading.

None of these results are the song I’m looking for.

So I try searching “Fading a” since thats how the other song was listed.

The closer I get to the actual title of the song, the less relevant the results seem to be.

Fading A actually does exist by the way, I’ve got it in my inventory its one of my favorite APM tracks.

This doesn’t happen for everything, but its happening often enough that finding music I’m looking for is really difficult.

Cleaning up old threads. So sorry for the late response here. Are you still experiencing issues? This should no longer be a problem.

I checked all of the search terms provided in my previous examples and they all seem to function as expected now. The search still surfaces shorter sounds more frequently but this can be fixed with the new search criteria so that issue has been resolved as well.

Thanks so much!