Some avatar bundles are completely incompatible with layered clothing

Reproduction Steps
Currently, as of 3/30/22, some avatar bundles on the site are entirely incompatible with layered clothing, due to the fact that they are missing WrapTarget instances as well as their cage meshes.

The bundles in question:

Expected Behavior
It is expected that all avatar bodies/bundles would have cage meshes, so that they are compatible with layered clothing.

Actual Behavior
Some bundles are missing cage meshes, resulting in them being incompatible with layered clothing.


Issue Area: Catalog Assets
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-03-30 00:03:00 (-04:00)


Potentially worth noting is that these two bundles were packages until pretty recently (a few months ago, perhaps), so maybe when they changed them to be bundles, they missed some steps that go beyond just changing the asset type.

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Besides those two, there’s a bunch of other bundles that are currently completely incompatible with layered clothing:

There’s also some bundles that are partially unsupported.

These characters do not have proper feet, and were not given WrapTargets on some of the leg/foot parts:

This one bundle is missing a WrapTarget on the LeftUpperLeg only:

This one bundle is missing a WrapTarget on the LeftHand only:

(Crossed-out bundles have since been fixed)


Test Roxie was a test bundle, and will not be updated.

Pop Queen is now fixed.


Luna’s left hand is also fixed.

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Luna’s left arm textures are now incorrect, and 2D clothing now renders on the arm in some places (previously it did not)


Odd. I used the same textures as the original. Will take a look.

Here you go: