Some datastore v2 APIs are missing from documentation

Reproduction Steps
Currently, various Datastore v2 APIs are missing from documentation, including GlobalDataStore:ListVersionsAsync(), GlobalDataStore:ListKeysAsync(), and others.

Expected Behavior
I expect the datastore v2 APIs to be documented

Actual Behavior
The datastore v2 APIs are not documented

I read the documentation from the private beta category :

Issue Area: DevHub Website
Page URL: GlobalDataStore | Roblox Creator Documentation
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-08-12 06:08:00 (-04:00)


@Noble_Draconian the APIs you listed are not part of the GlobalDataStore class, but directly belong the DataStore class. You can find the APIs here: DataStore | Roblox Creator Documentation


That’s not correct though - if you call DataStoreService:GetDataStore(), it returns a GlobalDataStore instance. I tested it and the previously mentioned APIs are members of it.

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This is weird? I don’t see a reason for this to be the case…?
One thing is that GlobalDataStore actually does not have any name for it, while other datastores do;
I wonder if GDataStore is a specific thing inside databases.


I kind of feel like :GetGlobalDataStore, if it does not get the new v2 features, should be deprecated in this case then.


So after looking into it, I found that when passing the optional DataStoreOptions argument with v2 set to true, it actually does return a DataStore Instance. When missing the options, it returns a GlobalDataStore as it says in the documentation.


Huh… that’s interesting. Documentation should probably be updated to reflect that :confused:


cc @dragonknightflies could this info possibly be updated in the documentation pages? I had to go hunting for v2 API documentation again because I kept looking for it under GlobalDataStore.

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