Some developers cannot see the Robux per Visit graph under their game's Developer Stats

Refer to:

Some developers do not see this graph on the Developer Stats page for their games:



The developer stats don’t show for me either maybe my games don’t have enough visits?

I have a place with 23 visits that gets stats (even though they are 0)


Slightly off topic but where are you getting “Average Robux Revenue Per Visit”? Is this something you aded with a browser extension?

I have a feeling a few people in the linked post could access the Developer Stats page but theirs didn’t have the specific average robux revenue per visit graph. Below is a screenshot of my full developer stats page — I don’t have that specific chart but I do seem to have everything else

I do find it pretty weird that it doesn’t separate the data for different ages/devices like the other Robux revenue graphs do. Maybe it’s an unreleased feature or something?

It could be that the place was stagnant for a long time so they stopped tracking.
You may need to wait a bit for it to realize that the game is active again.

Just my assumption

It’s something everyone should be getting, I think.


Letting you know I’ve edited some information into your topic so engineers do not have to read through the entire topic you’ve linked to figure out what you’re reporting.

Would you mind trying to include more information when you report bugs? Reporting bugs in this manner is not a good example to set for other users to follow, and requires a lot more effort on behalf of engineers to parse. We have a requirements topic to help you provide sufficient information.


I can’t see this, I also have a problem where players in the past have payed my game passes and I never got the robux.

It was about 500 robux I could of got but never got, I can check how much exactly it was but I never got the revenue.