Some dystopian future like soundtracks

Hello, I’m wastemanty23, I’m not really a professional producer but I really enjoy making music as an hobby, today, while looking around in my pc I found some dystopian future music I made a long time ago when i was experimenting with a new instrument i bought, it’s not the best but I will release it because someone might need it.

(personally i think this one is the cleanest one of the three)

Enjoy :smiley:


Also, feel free to give me some feedback and tell me which one was your favourite, you can also link your creations if you use it :smiley: I will be glad to check them :slight_smile:

What software are you using to produce music? I am getting started with it and I am also planning to make futuristic (sci-fi) music. For now, I got “Cakewalk” as a DAW, but I still don’t know how to do that nice reverb.

You are correct the third one is indeed the cleanest. I like the rhythm, but I think you should experiment more with low and high-pitched sound together to bring it to a whole other level.

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I’m using FL Studio, it’s kind of expensive, but worth the money.

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Ableton or FL Studio. Each has a unique workflow which takes a bit of time to get used to, you can compare both workflows below and pick your poison

And to answer your question, Ableton. It’s workflow is just a lot more comfortable for me to work with.


I use logic pro x because I have a mac and I want to switch to Cubase soon.

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Thank you! I will definitely be using this in my game.


Ayyy! Feel free to link it, i will be happy to check it out!

Actually I doubt it will ever be done since I literally know how to do everything except build or script and I dont have any money.

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