Some errors only occurring in Game and not inside Studio


I am having an issue where some errors are only occurring inside the Game. This is a major problem as it’s hard to find bugs when you’re not inside Studio, and it’s hard to see where the errors are coming from especially if it’s from the Server. Is there a reason for this issue, and why it’s happening? The same thing that is having the issue is working perfectly fine inside Studio, but when I am inside the main game, the issues occur. Such as sometimes I will get the error (“Incomplete Statement: expected assignment or a function call”) even though I do NOT get that error inside Studio for a particular function that is essential. Another issue I am having is that randomly they give these errors, as I haven’t changed them in weeks and they worked perfectly fine, and then it just randomly starts causing errors.

UPDATE: I am actually able to see the error alot better if I open a Local Test Server, as this actually shows those errors that I am getting inside in-game. This is still an issue as I don’t really want to keep opening test servers to test these, but I am not really sure a way around it.

If you have any ideas as to why this may be occurring, I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks! :smile:


Any help would be very much greatly appreciated! :grin:

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Hi when in game you can open settings scroll down and open the developer console. Here you can view the output of the client and the server.

Maybe this will help trouble shoot your problem


Yes, this doesn’t resolve anything about my issue as I said it’s still annoying to go into a game, look at the issue and see if it works, it should work in both Studio and in-game. I know about DevConsole, but if there a server bug that works inside Studio, but a regular player WITHOUT the Server console, they are unable to see that error and wouldn’t be able to report it to me which is why it again should work in both Studio and in-game. I am asking why does this happen, so I could resolve it as it’s been happening to me alot lately.


When it says “Incomplete Statement: expected assignment or a function call,” it should provide a script that is causing the error. So, could we see the script that is causing this error?

This isn’t about the script, I was just giving an example of what it says. It doesn’t give as much information as it does in Studio at least from my knowledge, but my issue is, is that these errors sometimes only happen in-game and not in Studio. I’ve already fixed the issue with the Incomplete Statement thing.

Incomplete Statement means that somewhere in a script you have something like


If you are certain it is not a script. Possibly a Roblox bug. If it doesn’t break anything don’t worry abt it.

I’m confused? I never said anything was wrong with my script, I said that some errors are only occurring inside in-game and not inside Studio??