Some Experiments With Lighting

DevForum today I did some experiment’s with lighting, I know it’s not the best but I gave it a shot.


Generic, but still not bad. If you want to practice lighting, do challenging skies (such as October theme skies.)


Sound’s interesting, I’ll give it a try tomorrow then I’ll show you my progress.


Hey, glad you gave it a try! Lighting is one of my passions, so here are my tips:

  1. The skybox is very bland and boring. You cannot have good lighting without a good skybox. I recommend Atmos by @Elttob, the most useful plugin out there, great for finding quality skyboxes!

  2. Sunrays don’t mean anything without lots of terrain. It bothers me when people have this strong sunrays without any terrain such as hills. The point of these sunrays is to get the ray tracer effect when you are behind a hill.

  3. Try messing with the terrain colors. Then basic terrain colors do not look good if you are trying to have realistic lighting.

  4. Use Atmosphere for a better fog effect. Fog is the basic of realism, there is no place on earth without even a little fog.

  5. Mess with other post processing effects to create a unique feel. Currently, this doesn’t exactly look appealing, it’s pretty much the starter skybox with too much sun.

If you need some inspiration, my favorite works on here:

Sorry for being a bit harsh, feedback is the best way to learn!


Wow, thank you for these tip’s I’ll try these out tomorrow, and I’ll make some substantial improvement’s.

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